30 seconds with Marwan Kojok

Lawyer and Baybridge partner Marwan Kojok answers our quickfire questions about himself, business and his passions.

Describe yourself in a Tweet

Managing Partner @Baybridge, specialising in emerging and mature franchise systems. Director of #SoccajoeysFoundation. Down to earth and straight to the point trusted advisor to many successful brands.

Who do you follow on social media?

I am a social media lightweight and no matter how much I try, I feel like I’m at best 10 percent of where I need to be. I still prefer to call my client or colleague, friends and family and meet with them to get the download. I still don’t have a Facebook account and may need to re-consider this to keep a watchful eye on the kids!

What book would you recommend and why?

I get this question often and at times I feel guilty I don’t have an immediate response. Between managing a successful law firm, being an active father to three kids, keeping my wife happy and managing my well being, there is very little room left for the pleasures found in holding a hard cover book and reading the life stories of others. I prefer biographies and the last set included Richard Branson and Walt Disney (amazing corporation!)

What is your secret passion?

No secret passions. I enjoy the finer things in life, this is well known amongst my close friends and family. If I had to pick something that sits deep beneath it is a love and elation for fast cars, not to watch, but to be behind the wheel and exhausting the best a motor vehicle could offer.

What one thing would help you do business better?

I believe we have all systems in place to ensure we are running smoothly and efficiently in our day to day work. If I could clone myself and be at two meetings at once I believe that would be useful.

The challenge today, is that we are expected to be everywhere and available anytime of the day. If I struggle to do this via social media then yes I would like to have a team of me attending to calls, meetings and being present. As this is not yet possible, my team is doing a great job.