4 traits that make a great leader

Strong leadership is a key aspect of a great franchise business. Here are four top traits that indicate a leader.

As a franchisor, you know that management is a big part of the success of your brand. There are so many layers to succeeding as a business, but just as important is the efficacy of your role as a leader. You want to ensure that as a franchisor you are giving the best leadership and setting an example for your support team and franchise network.

Franchisors from the hospitality sector to home services shared their pearls of wisdom at the National Franchise Convention in Canberra.

Here are their thoughts on the four personal traits that make for a great leader:

1. Leading by example

Tom Potter, founder of Eagle Boys, says that a key personal attribute needed for effective leadership is “leading from the front and by example”. He adds that often individuals jump to new roles looking for good leadership and recognition as opposed to purely for remuneration.

Franchisors who lead by example shape the culture of a franchise network. And so when team members exhibit behaviour that isn’t reflective of your business culture, it’s important to make this clear.

2. Empowering others

Franchisors at the convention highlighted the importance of allowing your team to make and learn from mistakes.

Chris Taylor, managing director and founder of Aussie Pooch Mobile says that it’s also important to empower others.

“We make it an even playing field,” she says.

3. Being open to innovation

Despite the long standing reputation of a brand, or the novelty of up-and-coming businesses, it is integral to continually evolve as a franchise.

“The success of any franchise is being able to reinvent yourself,” says Bill Vis, founder, V.I.P. Home Services.

4. Enjoying the journey

Time and time again, businesses are so caught up in the day-to-day workings of the franchise, teams forget to enjoy the journey.

So, says Vis, good leadership is also about “having fun while getting the job done”.