5 ways to impress on LinkedIn

An impressive executive summary is key to engaging your ideal audience on LinkedIn. The summary is 2,000 characters so it is imperative to use the space for maximum impact, advises Kylie Chown, a Certified Master Resume Writer (CMRW), LinkedIn Profile Writer and consultant with more than 10 years' experience.

The Executive Summary on LinkedIn isn’t about you, it is about your reader and what they want to know. Your LinkedIn Summary is your opportunity to make an emotional connection to your reader. It is important to remember your purpose – who are you taking too and what do they need to hear.

Before you start writing your summary it is important that you review your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). LinkedIn is a Search Engine. This means it offers great opportunity for you to be found and validated by your ideal audience.  It’s a bit like how websites will be search engine optimised for Google.

The first and very important step with your SEO is to identify and research key words. If you are a field manager who works in Brisbane, you might like to consider words like field manager and Brisbane. Think about who you want to be found by and what words they would use.

Once you have identified your key words and done some research, you can build your summary around these words.

Once I have the key words, I follow this format to make sure my clients have an impressive linked in executive summary.

First paragraph: This is your positioning statement. The reader needs to be able to read the first sentence and have a clear idea of who you are. You also need to include key words in the section. 

Second paragraph: Here you can talk about HOW you have achieved your results. Also, if you have worked for brands that are respected in the industry you can leverage this by highlighting them in this section. 

Third paragraph: Include your greatest achievements and highlight qualifications or awards.

Fourth paragraph: Include testimonials in this section. Think of the value a reader who sees someone they know and trust recommending you on LinkedIn. A great way to capture recommendations is using a before and after situation. Creditability with your ideal audience will also be supported if recommendations are from people like them. 

Finish with a call to action: Make it easy for your audience to know what to do next.  Although LinkedIn has a Contact section, it can be had to find on some profiles. If you are a business using LinkedIn to promote your services to the franchising sector, you may like to include your phone or email.

By following these steps, you can create an executive summary for maximum impact.