5 ways you can deliver better marketing support for your franchisees

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Download these practical tips to help franchisees with their marketing.

A key attraction for buying into a franchise is marketing support. But often delivery fails to live up to the promise as franchisors lack the resources to execute proper targeted local area marketing (LAM) on behalf of franchisees. Conversely, if franchisees are left to create marketing content themselves it becomes tricky to maintain quality and brand consistency.

Brand Machine’s latest eBook, 5 ways to deliver better marketing support to franchisees covers some proven ways you can take your marketing to the next level, and most importantly, generate more sales for your franchisees.

The eBook is the result of the Brand Machine team working with over 30 leading franchise and multi-location brands over the last decade, and observing the initiatives that have made the biggest difference to your brand’s ability to support franchisees effectively.

Find out how to transform your brand’s marketing

The eBook covers the following:

1. Discover how providing your franchise with a modern LAM self-service portal technology can ease the stress from your marketing team while empowering franchisees to do much more local marketing in a way that is guaranteed to be brand compliant.

2. Learn how you can enjoy the undeniable reach and engagement advantages from having social accounts for each franchisee, while still ensuring there will be great quality content on every page. Read also how you can have full oversight of comments and reviews across all pages in a single dashboard.

3. How to make your national digital media spend work much harder for your franchisees by using automation tools to geotarget the ads and localise the content at scale. Also learn about a simple way franchisees can activate and fund their own google and social campaigns with no specialist skills required.

4. Set up an efficient online briefing and approval system that makes it much faster and more efficient for franchisees to request the support they need and for you to deliver it to them.

5. Learn the value of online ‘playbooks’ to guide and educate franchisees on how they should execute various local marketing and sales tasks in a consistent and best practice manner.

The eBook expands on these initiatives and provides a snapshot of the solutions that can deliver effective outcomes. You can download it here.

Download the eBook that could transform your brand’s marketing today.