6 brilliant ways to give your franchisees the best Christmas

When a franchisee starts their business needs careful planning
When a franchisee starts their business needs careful planning

Difficult customers. Longer hours. Extra casual staff. Work stress…yes it’s that time of year again, Christmas.

While some of us can take a well-earned break over the festivities, for many franchisees this can be the busiest time of year with no relief in sight.

So how can a franchisor best deliver support to their hardworking franchisees?

Inside Franchise Business asked Jewli Turier, director at Franchise Relationships Institute, and her team to share some insights into making this period easier for franchisees – and field managers.

6 tips for first class support

1. Forget compliance

Yes, sticking to the rules is important but now is not the time to be the compliance cop. Don’t stress out your field managers with a checklist of regulations to be obeyed. Franchisees are looking for help, not a rule-book-carrying BDM.

2. Keep franchisees informed

If a field manager is taking time off ensure sure the franchisees know exactly who they can turn to. Who is going to be taking the calls in their absence?

3. Get out on the field

Leave the office and join the fray. “This is an opportunity to develop relationships and to service customers, so get in the trenches, roll up your sleeves and take time to build relationships,” says Turier.

4. Give franchisees time

With franchisees running at a million miles an hour, they may not have time to take an hour for themselves to do Christmas shopping, get a break, or finish an essential but not urgent task. Field managers can step in and let them know they will be on hand to takeover for an hour or three – and find out what needs doing.

5. Help franchisees maximise their sales

Of course franchisors will have been geared up for some weeks now to help franchisees achieve great sales. It’s worth revisiting though to be sure they are capitalising on this busy period.

6. Be grateful for your franchisees

Enjoy this time and be grateful for everything your franchisees are doing for your brand and the network – and let them know it.