Adidas signs up second Aussie franchise partner

Sportswear giant Adidas has signed up a second franchise partner in Australia with plans to further grow the brand.

Atomic Group, which is owned by Sportsco managing director Tom Kiing, will look to “quickly build up” adidas’ local store network, which has about 28 locations nationwide.

Adidas has a withstanding partnership with Sports Power owner Zorich Group, who will continue to distribute the brand exclusively in South Australia.

Adidas Pacific’s general manager Steve Castledine said “After a comprehensive search, we believe we have found an excellent partner in Atomic Group to further extend the reach of our brand to more consumers in Australia.”

Kiing, who has stocked Adidas products in Sportsco stores for 30 years, said there’s an “immense” opportunity to expand the sportswear brand’s presence in Australia.

“Leveraging our current infrastructure and knowledge in retail, our people, systems and leasing knowledge, we see an immense opportunity to work with adidas in partnership to quickly build up the Adidas store network within Australia,” he said.