Are you tapping into the demand for Australian Made?

Consumers are keen to buy products grown and made in Australia. So how can franchisors take advantage of that trend?

The latest research from Colmar Brunton reveals ‘Australian made’ has moved to the third most looked for statement on product labels, the first two both being price related.

Recent changes to country of origin food labelling in Australia will make discovery of provenance much easier for shoppers and will give them a better understanding of how much of their food is sourced locally.

The Government system, which features the Australian Made, Australian Grown kangaroo logo along with a bar chart and statement showing what proportion of ingredients come from Australia, will feature on most food products produced for sale in Australia.

Consumers will gradually start to see the new labels roll out over the two year phase-in period.

Chief executive of the Australian Made Campaign Ian Harrison said “The finding that an ‘Australian made’ claim ranks second behind price factors in the information shoppers are looking for clearly establishes that they want to know where their food is coming from and where their products are made.

“Primarily they want to buy Australian made and Australian grown.”

So is your business maximising this potential?

5 questions to ask about your business and Australian made

  1. Could you introduce more Australian grown or made produce?
  2. Does your consumer advertising and marketing promote Aussie produced?
  3. Do your franchisees and their staff know the provenance of the ingredients or products?
  4. Does Australian Made feature in your sales material?
  5. How could you best promote your local supplier relationships?