Are your staff ready to leave your franchise?

Are your staff looking to leave? A high percentage of employees are on the hunt for a new job; could your franchise support survive if half your staff moved on?

The latest report from Hudson Recruitment indicates that 44 percent of employees are actively looking to leave their current role. That’s an increase of 26 percent on last year.

A further 32 percent would consider a fresh opportunity with only 24 percent of the workforce surveyed happy to stay with their current company.

And training is a key reason to shift work alliances.

Although skills are cited as important, half of the staff surveyed believe their managers don’t support training or skills improvement.

Dean Davidson, executive general manager, Hudson Recruitment Australia & New Zealand, said employers need to meet staff half way.

“Skills development is crucial to ensuring individuals can perform, progress and deliver for the business, yet this continues to be a blind spot for employers, evidenced by the fact that less than half have a defined strategy to train their people.”

Training is particularly important in times of significant change within organisations.

“Professionals keenly understand that their skills are crucial to their success and employability. We are living in a time of unprecedented disruption: technology evolves fast, change is a constant and employees know they need to keep up,” said Davidson.

So does this resonate with your franchise business? Could your training program be updated? Is there a skills mismatch that needs to be corrected?

Is your franchise doing enough to improve performance and retain staff?