Asian fertility franchise to launch ‘pay as you go’ egg freezing in Australia

An Asian fertility franchise setting up shop in Melbourne says it will “transform” the fertility management industry by providing “pay as you go” egg freezing to millennial women.

XY.Life clinics, owned by Borderless Healthcare Group, says women will be able to freeze their eggs for as little as $5 a day.

The practice is called “social egg freezing”, allowing women to retain the possibility of trying to have a child with her own eggs later in life, even after she has become infertile.

Founder of the company, Singaporean Dr Wei Siang Yu, also known as “Dr Love” said “paying as you go” is “attractive to millennials who are not happy to pay a big lump sum”.

“XY.Life is positioned not to disrupt but to transform the whole fertility management industry,” he said in a media statement on Tuesday.

“Social egg freezing is expected to become a global trend that will be popular for single women, young couples and those in the LGBT community, with Australian laws allowing donor sperm to fertilise eggs of single women.”

The company says it wants to empower women and girls to understand reproductive prospects by informing them about the amount of eggs they have, how they diminish in number and quality with age, and risk factors including smoking, excessive drinking, poor diet and sleep.

Source: AAP