Australian franchise acquisitions deliver sales boost for Restaurant Brands

Inside Franchise Business: Australian franchise acquisitions deliver sales boost for Restaurant BrandsProminent franchise group, Restaurant Brands New Zealand Limited (NZE: RBD) has announced a jump in second quarter sales, following a series of Australian acquisitions.

Restaurant Brands’ total sales for the second quarter of the financial year (16 weeks to 10 September 2018) rose to $251 million, achieving a growth of 11.6 per cent or $26.1 million in comparison to the equivalent period last year.

Operations within the group’s homeland of New Zealand generated sales of $132.8 million, up 1.7 per cent on total basis and 2.4 per cent on a same store basis.

Australian KFC outlets produced sales of $NZ60.6 million, up 43.7 per cent on a total basis, and 4.8 per cent on a same store basis, with the group’s Hawaiian operations generating $57.6 million, up 10.4 per cent on a total basis and 2 per cent on a same store basis.

Sales for KFC New Zealand grew 4.9 per cent over the corresponding period of 2017 to $95 million, contributing to the $164 million reached year-to-date – a 5.3 per cent increase year-over-year. KFC New Zealand stores remained steady at 94._

Restaurant Brands’ year to date sales were $431 million, achieving an increase of 11.6 per cent over the prior on a total basis.

The group also boosted store numbers by eight over the period, following the acquisition of a further 13 KFC stores in Australia, offset by the sale of five New Zealand Pizza Hut stores to independent franchisees.

The latest results indicate strong network growth for the corporate franchisee, which specialises in multi-site branded food retail chain management in New Zealand, and boosts Restaurant Brands’ commitment to expanding its global footprint.

In April 2016, Restaurant Brands purchased 42 KFC stores in New South Wales, Australia and has since continued to enlarge its Australian investment through acquisition.

The group currently operates 305 stores: 94 KFC New Zealand, 61 KFC Australia, 29 Pizza Hut New Zealand, 22 Starbucks, 18 Carl’s Jr., 36 Taco Bell Hawaii and 45 Pizza Hut Hawaii stores.

The group employs nearly 8,000 staff across New Zealand, Australia and Hawaii and serves 120,000 customers worldwide every day.