BK’s Gymnastics program rollout to drive new business

BK's Gymnastics program rollout
Extended kids and seniors programs will boost business

BK’s Gymnastics is rolling out new programs in a move to boost the appeal of gymnastics to new markets.

All 11 locations will transition to the new programs this month. CEO Mark Rendell said “These program changes will help our existing and new franchisees keep members in programs for longer, with a clear and engaging progression pathway, and also attract new members that were previously not catered for.

“We’re expecting to see our membership base grow by at least 25 per cent over the next two years as a result of the changes.”

The BK’s Gymnastics initiative will help make gymnastics accessible to all ages and skill levels, he added.

“For children under five, we have really fleshed out the programs, supporting a child from three months old and helping them progress through fundamental growth years and establish stronger key skills for a future in gymnastics,” he said.

“A program for children with additional needs is also being introduced. Classes are one-on-one or smaller groups to suit all levels of mental and physical ability and allow for a parent/carer to participate. 

“We’re also introducing adult and seniors programs, to further expand access to the sport and prove it’s never too late to start or revisit a childhood passion.”

There is an All Star Academy for competitive artistic gymnastics training, providing gymnasts with a progressive pathway through the National Levels Program (levels 1 – 10).