Burger chain in a pickle over “sexist” advertising

A Queensland-based burger franchise has received criticism over an advertising campaign featuring what appears to be a doctor delivering a burger in between a woman’s legs. 

With 16 restaurants in Queensland, the ad has caused a storm on social media, with the campaign being labelled “disgusting”, “pathetic” and “sexist”.

Burger Urge managing director Sean Carthew defended the campaign in the name of “creative marketing” in an article by B & T Today.

In a report by news.com.au, Carthew said: “I can see how people may have misconstrued the ads as inappropriate, but for every complaint on Facebook we’ve had 10 comments saying, “This is fun and people need to lighten up”.

“We’ve seen a big jump in our delivery customers in the week and a half since the campaign came out,” he added.