Don’t leave for your Christmas break without doing these seven things

It’s the last day before you finish up for your break. Insert equal parts joy [I’m outta here!] and horror [I still have stuff to do!].

Avoid any last minute panic and make a last day to do list. Make it realistic and maybe add things like:

  • Update your January action list and re-work your priorities. What are the must-do, should-do and could-do actions for your first week or month back? This eases the need to think about it during your break. You’re already organised for your return.
  • Have a plan for your first day back; this may be as simple as meetings with your team to catch up on events during your break, or clearing your email. Start your first day organised.
  • Set your out-of-office email and phone messages.
  • Check in with whomever is taking on your work for the time you’re off.
  • Organize your work space.
  • Clean your keyboard [urgh!].
  • High-five your colleagues and get out of there on time and ready to start your break.