Donut King heads to Sweden

Inside Franchise Business: Donut King to launch in SwedenRetail Food Group’s sweet treat chain Donut King is set to open the doors of its first store in Sweden before Christmas.

Donut King hopes to open 30 franchises in Sweden in the next five years and has plans to grow across Scandinavia.

The CEO of a local social service business is the first franchisee.

Jasmine Saeedi said “The knowledge I’ve already accumulated through running my own business is transferrable and I look forward to using my past experiences to be at the forefront of Donut King’s European expansion,” she said.

“I was attracted to the brand because I think it’s a fantastic fit for Sweden’s Fika culture, which is all about the enjoyment that comes from a good cup of coffee over a delicious treat.

“We will be bringing new flavours to the brand, with a Scandinavian twist, like cardamom, blueberry and lingonberry,” she added.

“Anyone who is familiar with the Swedish climate will appreciate how comforting warm cinnamon donuts and a cup of quality coffee will be.”