Fernwood joins ‘safe phone’ project to help domestic violence victims

Fernwood safe phone
Fernwood Fitness links with DV Safe Phones to help victims of domestic violence. Image Bigstock.

Fernwood Fitness has partnered with DV Safe Phone to help provide victims of domestic violence with a lifeline. 

A mobile phone is often thrown, broken, or stolen during domestic violence leaving the victim isolated, and without access to emergency services or helplines for assistance. 

DV Safe Phone collects, repurposes and gifts mobile phones to victims of domestic violence through registered charities, safe houses and authorities. The phones are provided as part of an individual’s ‘safe plan’ offering a lifeline to call for help when it’s needed most.

CEO Ashton Wood founded the not-for-profit organisation in 2020.

“My hope is that one day, if we do our job really well, there will no longer be a need for DV Safe Phone at all. I look forward to this day, so that we can celebrate what we have achieved together,” said Wood.

Fernwood said it is important to be part of the conversation around domestic, family, and sexual violence, in a meaningful way.

Reports of domestic violence amplified by the pandemic and extended lockdowns show the program is more important than ever.

Fernwood’s aim is to help raise awareness and further connect support services and victims to valuable resources. 

Anyone with spare phones to donate can visit their local Fernwood. There is also an interactive map showing the nearest DV Safe Phone donation drop off points

DV Safe Phone was established in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast and operates nationally.