Four global food trends for 2023

Global food trends 2023
Organic fruits and vegetables will be important. (Source: Bigstock)

Mintel has identified four major trends that will affect the global food and beverage industry from next year and the next five years. 

Covid-19 has had a significant impact on people’s food-conscious intake, with customers increasingly looking for organic foods and eating more vegetables. Mintel says consumers have become more worried about their environmental impact and strategies to mitigate it.

Weatherproofed Provisions

According to Mintel, adaptation and resourcefulness will come to the fore as brands innovate to assist consumers to cope with the harsh effects of the planet’s more dangerous weather. Consumers will hunt for goods that assist their bodies to tolerate temperature extremes ranging from arctic vortexes to heat waves.

Beyond basic necessities, brands will develop emergency food and beverages for particular diets, children, and the elderly. Pet food companies will also investigate ways to help pets cope with extreme weather.

Source: Mintel

Staying Sharp

The next mental and emotional well-being functionalities that consumers will seek are focus and productivity. Consumers will buy foods and beverages that influence cognitive ability, reduce stress, and optimise brain function.

People anticipate businesses marketing the cognitive boosts accessible from recognised energising nutrients such as plant-based components including fruits, vegetables, and legumes, as well as caffeine (in moderation). However, Mintel reported businesses should demonstrate to customers the range of natural and functional ingredients, from B vitamins to nootropics, to deliver on their cognitive health promises.

Cosmic Comforts

Mintel said the food and drink market will draw inspiration from space-inspired technologies and “earthly breakthroughs” derived from space travel discoveries – think lunar minerals and zero-gravity eating. It’s all a form of escapism, the consultancy says.

The unknown wonder of outer space will have a particularly untainted appeal for Gen Z, but businesses should also consider the inspirational role space will play in the lives of Gen Alpha, Mintel said. New technologies, such as resource-efficient agriculture and powdered protein, will emerge, providing food and beverage corporations with a larger range of space-inspired themes.

Minimalist Messaging

Clarity and simplicity will be a winning combination when it comes to brands connecting with customers. As consumers prefer brands that focus on their advantages pack, communication will be reduced to the important selling elements, leaving story-telling to websites, social media, and marketing.

Products with simple designs that emphasise natural ingredients and important health advantages will appeal to buyers who want to avoid information overload. Consumers will increasingly rely on virtual solutions to inspire, educate, and confirm their choices during the next decade.

This article was first published on sibling website Inside FMCG.