Greg Nathan reveals Franchise Relationships Institute restructure

Anthony and Debbie Cannell take key roles in Franchise Relationships Institute restructure
Anthony and Debbie Cannell take key roles in Franchise Relationships Institute restructure

The Franchise Relationships Institute is getting a facelift and will reveal its brand new look in early August.

The makeover is not just a logo and branding however. There is a fundamental shift in the business with the appointment of a new MD and a COO, Anthony and Debbie Cannell (pictured above), who were franchisors of the Cherrybridge Station childcare business.

FRI founder Greg Nathan will remain core to the institute’s operation while director Jewli Turier leaves the business to return to a franchise operations role that gives her more time with her family.

Anthony and Debbie have a good knowledge of franchising,” Nathan told Inside Franchise Business Executive. “I’ll be the culture and the tech side of the business. Their role is to do what we haven’t been able to do.”

Nathan said “FRI was founded 32 years ago with the mission of developing evidence-based materials to help franchisees and franchisors all over the world improve their success and satisfaction.”

The goal is to make the business less reliant on personal presentations, harnessing the expertise into value-add products that can be easily accessed by a global audience.

Going global online

Nathan revealed there is constant overseas demand for FRI services.

Online delivery of the basics will allow the FRI team to conduct more face-to-face facilitation.

“The value often comes in a discussion after the presentation,” said Nathan. 

Technical and assessment tools will be among the suite of new products to be rolled out.

“Former friends of the FRI business, Alex Coningham and Dr Nicole Simpson, have also returned to help us reinvent several of our assessment platforms, including The Nathan Profiler and the ACE Franchisee Satisfaction Survey, as well as working with me on some new products,” he revealed.

Nathan said it was time for the business to take the next step.

“Jewli is leaving the business in good shape. I’m so pleased with the work she has been able to do in terms of culture, and the work delivered to clients is second to none.

“Anthony and Debbie will be able to take it to another level with their global experience and deeper corporate experience, fulfilling its destiny. The business has so much potential.”

Helping franchisors

Anthony Cannell worked with Greg Nathan 10 years ago. He told Inside Franchise Business Executive, “This is an opportunity for us and FRI. At the moment we’re working to create the strategy to enable us to do out of the box things going forward.

“We are looking at a whole reinvention of FRI.  Greg’s got an amazing box of tricks perfect for the franchise environment, even more so in Covid right now.”

Cannell said FRI is well-placed to assist franchisors navigate the current crisis.

“We’re there to add value and create new tools. We’re really looking at product development, how we create a relevant, clean brand, with software that’s relevant to where we will be in the future.

“We’ll be looking to see how we can create even more amazing products, using tech to reach a wider audience. We are more than keynote addresses and this is an opportunity to step out and show what we can do.”

As operations grow the business will recruit.

Debbie Cannell said “FRI is only a small team. We will definitely expand with new skills, sales and content, program learning.

“I’ll be there to support the operations team, to create new processes and streamline procedures.”

Updated: The Cannells are no longer associated with Franchise Relationships Institute; the pair left the business in 2020.