Gelato on a roll

Gelatissimo_Sponsored03.jpgLove sushi? Got a yearning for dumplings?  Those fabulously innovative folks at Gelatissimo have taken a left-field approach to their menu – and it’s not as crazy as it sounds. It’s just perfect for anyone looking to enjoy the latest, most exciting developments in dessert.

The success of the delicious pannacotta gelato with a caramel centre rolled in chocolate bits, masquerading as a sushi roll, has convinced the creative team to` continue its quirky innovations.

Why? Well, the taste of Asian cuisine is tempting palates around the world. A casual dining report in the UK highlights diverse dishes from across Asia as increasingly popular – think katsu curry, wasabi and teriyaki – and there is no doubt Australia is trend-setting when it comes to mixing it up with global menus.

But no one really wants to eat a fishy gelato right? And that’s why Gelatissimo is right on trend for 2016 with its experimental approach to colour and shapes that is a witty take on an Asian dish. What could be more in tune with the trend ‘Eat with your eyes’ highlighted by market research firm Mintel than a sushi shaped gelato?

It’s tasty, and of course worthy of sharing on social media.  ‘Good enough to Tweet’ is another emerging top food and drink trend for next year.

Sure the foodie followers will love it, but the delicious, artisanal nature of the popular gelato brand will also win over Australian families who value authenticity, and want to choose products with real, natural ingredients.

It’s a daily churn in Gelatissimo stores that produces the award-winning gelato to a genuine family recipe.

There’s no better way to relax and enjoy time together with friends and family than to succumb to the taste temptation of a frozen treat filled with natural goodness – made fresh, and with a flavour for every palate.

The traditionalists can indulge in a rich, classic gelato while the more adventurous and thrill-seeking among us can test our taste-buds with the latest gelato concept – you did try the gelato doughnut, didn’t you?

Gelatissimo is a master of innovation, with novel new concepts adding excitement and generating new business to its network of franchised stores.

And the absolute latest idea is a dumpling gelato. Yes, that’s right. Your favourite doughy treat added to an honest-to-goodness gelato for a wow sensation.

It’s pretty hush-hush as it is still in development – but we can tell you it will be like a Japanese mocha dessert with a dumpling shell cradling the gelato.

Just too delicious. But you’ll have to wait…

You don’t need to hold back on your future though. With all this innovation and inspiration on hand, why not add investment to the mix? You could be heading up your very own Gelatissimo store, and serving up the latest delectable confection to foodies and families alike. What’s not to love?

Find out how you can employ your passion in a business that thrives on trends and innovation. It’s just a click away.