Global wellness report reveals polarising trends

global wellness trends 2024
Fitness and medical combine forces (Source: Bigstock)

Wellness is becoming an increasingly polarised marketplace, according to the just released Future of Wellness report from Global Wellness.

There is a widening of generational, income, and gender gaps which is shaping the wellness landscape into ‘hardcare’ and ‘softcare’.

‘Hardcare’ reflects a hyper-medical, high-tech, high price wellness market while the ‘Softcare’ trend provides for a low-pressure, simpler, wellness focused on emotional and social wellbeing. Neither trend is dominant, the 120-page report suggests.

The trend report reveals the search for longevity will maintain its hold on the health and wellness arena. In November 2023 Global Wellness revealed the global wellness market is set to grow to US$8.5 trillion by 2027.

9 key trends

The top nine trends are:

Climate-adaptive wellness

This embraces innovative approaches to cooling ourselves and the planet, including heat monitoring wearables, through to travel trends.

The power of the pilgrimage

Walking has never been more popular, and resorts are offering wellness programs that incorporate trails and spiritual elements.

From manning up to opening up

Men’s retreats and mental health apps reflect the trend for a softer form of wellness. Expect to see more widespread opportunities and diverse interpretations that allow men to connect.

The rise of postpartum wellness

New mother retreats, babycare services and products, and femtech startups are indicative of this trend.

Longevity has longevity

Think longevity clinics, customised planning for aging, and exclusive gyms moving into the medical space.

A wellness check for weight loss drugs

New drugs shook up of the weight loss market and challenged behaviour-driven businesses like gyms. Now the opportunity lies in creating integrative, holistic weight-loss programs that include metabolic health analysis, nutrition coaching, fitness and mental health services.

Sports finds its footing in hospitality

Think sports-meets-wellness-travel. New hospitality brands are targeting elite athletes, providing top level wellness, fitness and recovery programming.

The home as highest-tech-health-hub

Wellness real estate is forecast to more than double in revenue by 2027 as homes are becoming advanced outpatient zones, cities high-tech health hubs.

A new multisensory, immersive art for wellness

Multisensory, adaptive and immersive art is increasingly common in public spaces, and set to become more personalised through wearable devices.