Gotcha plans 100-store footprint across Australia in three years

Gotcha plan Australia
The bubble tea brand is also innovating with processes and product. (Source: Supplied)

Gotcha has revealed plans to reach a 100-store footprint in Australia by 2028. This follows the recent unveiling of five stores which gives the chain more than 50 stores across the country.

With further store openings in the pipeline for launch during 2024, Gotcha has its sights set on reaching the ambitious target within the next three years.

The Aussie-born international bubble tea brand is also increasing its global market presence from the current 200 stores. It has a bold 100-store footprint target for the Mexican market and this year plans another 20 stores in Saudi Arabia where Gotcha Jeddah is generating US$1.3m in sales.

Gotcha founder and owner, Roger Fu, said “We are incredibly proud of our growth and excited about the future. Our new stores in key locations demonstrate our commitment to bringing the freshest and highest quality tea to more customers. We look forward to welcoming new franchisees and partners to join us in our journey.”

Gotcha is working on a number of developments; a machine to streamline the bubble tea creation process and reduce labour costs by more than 20 per cent, and its quarterly product innovation, a bubble tea gelato.