Gutter-Vac scoops 5-star franchise rating

Gutter-Vac scoops 5-star franchise rating
Gutter-Vac scoops 5-star franchise rating

Gutter-Vac has just scooped a 5-star rating with FRANdata’s Australian Franchise Rating Scale.

Ratings are allocated after an independent and fact based assessment across seven key categories designed to measure both transparency and performance in a franchise chain.

According to FRANdata the review team was particularly impressed with the financial performance across the Gutter-Vac network, franchisee engagement levels and the support provided to its franchisees.

Last year the home services business achieved a 4-star rating.

FRANdata CEO Darryn McAuliffe said “The strong and positive trajectory of Gutter-Vac’s performance was maintained this year and carried it past several key 5 star performance milestones.”

Gutter-Vac founder and CEO Warren Ballantyne said “Gutter-Vac are delighted to have been assessed as a 5-star franchise system through the Australian Franchise Rating Scale. We have worked hard and invested heavily to get to where we are today.

“For us, this rating also effectively recognises the performance and contribution of every franchisee across our 90-strong network. We will continue to be driven by opportunities for continuous improvement for the benefit of our franchisees and their customers.”

McAuliffe described Gutter-Vac as one of the great success stories in Australian franchising.

He told Inside Franchise Business Executive, “Following our review of 100 individual measures, across the seven performance standards, we are pleased to recognise the Gutter-Vac franchise system for its superior transparency and very high levels of performance. Their 5 star rating has been underpinned by their ability to substantiate that performance with fact based data.”

Further rating assessments for franchise brands are underway now from the Australian Franchise Rating Scale.