How a fitness franchise is making its mark

12 Round Fitness, an up-and-coming brand, is using a unique marketing tool to make its mark in a sea of competitors in the fitness industry.

Headed up by managing director Tim West, 12 Round Fitness offers a high intensity group workout with no set class times and a round of exercise starting every three minutes.

“Because we are a reasonably new brand in a crowded fitness market, building a strong identity is crucial. I knew I couldn’t afford for any material not to be on brand,” he says.

To ensure collateral could be produced quickly while staying on brand, he partnered with Outfit to digitise brand automation and marketing production cloud software. The tool allows users to produce collateral quickly, ensuring it is always on brand and to specs.

Rather than having to hire extra head office staff to manage design requests and produce collateral needed by franchisees, this tool allows franchisees to produce their own material as and when needed.

“The software gives me and my investors the confidence that any collateral produced is done according to our brand guidelines, while giving franchisees the ability to produce tailored collateral in a few clicks,” explains West.

“It also means we can on-board franchisees much quicker, they’re not at the mercy of a marketing department struggling to keep up with design requests.”