How to add value to your franchise operations

What do you need to do to enhance your franchise network’s performance?

Whether you are a fledgling business with a handful of franchisees or an established chain with a line-up of experienced franchisees, there will be constant and fresh challenges to face at an operations and support level.

The trend for multi-unit franchisees brings with it specific demands.

According to Greg Nathan, founder and CEO of Franchise Relationships Institute, “Franchisors who want to expand their crop of successful multi-unit franchisees need to up their game, both in preparing these people for expansion and the ongoing support provided.”

Nathan highlights that multi-unit owners in particular are in need of focused help with location set up, staff structuring and performance management systems, financial planning and data monitoring systems.

“While some franchisors are doing this well, our research shows most franchisors could implement better quality processes around how they are working with their more established franchisees,” he says.

Greg Nathan will be sharing seven key insights into mature franchisees and what they want from franchisors at the National Franchise Operations Conference taking place next Thursday 12 May in Melbourne.

Whether you need to find out how to grow and support multi-unit franchisees or learn how to use systems to create a sales-driven culture, whether you’re looking to take a franchise region from good to great, want to turn around a troubled franchise chain, or you’re keen to use benchmarking to drive performance and prevent financial problems, the topics at the upcoming one-day conference are intended to spark engagement and learning relevant to your situation.

Perhaps you want to get a sneak peek at how Salsa’s Fresh Mex Grill, Bakers Delight or Pandora are finding solutions to franchisor concerns?

Experienced franchisors including John O’Brien, founder and CEO of Poolwerx, Chris Caldwell, CEO of Lenard’s Chicken, and Bridget Blake, national franchise operations manager at Endota Spa, will also be sharing their tips on a variety of franchisor issues.

Franchise Relationships Institute is organising the one-day event, and a series of masterclasses the day before the conference.