KFC trials home delivery

KFC Australia will trial home delivery in an attempt to stay abreast of fast food trends.

In a report by Fairfax Media, managing director Nikki Lawson said a home delivery trial would start out of eight of the chain's outlets within the next three weeks.  

Foodora, an aggregator which runs a delivery network using bicycles, motorbikes and cars, will deliver the orders.

Competitor and franchise Red Rooster has been offering home delivery for two and a half years.

"We'll be going fairly carefully," said Lawson.

"What you don't want to do is have a fabulous delivery experience and end up with a really awful consumer experience for everyone else."

Customer demand, the effect on service for in-store customers, and being able to deliver a quality product would determine whether home delivery would be rolled out Australia-wide, she added.

"It's the next logical step on convenience," she explained.

"As soon as we see a viable business case we'll roll it out a little more aggressively."

She said KFC's own "click and collect" online order system could be adapted to home deliveries, but there were no plans to use its own drivers.