KX Pilates launches 24-hour relay to highlight new partnership with Lifeline

KX Pilates Lifeline
The KX reserarch found 41 per cent exercise to reduce stress. (Source: Supplied)

KX Pilates is launching a world first 24-Hour Pilates for Mental Health relay this month with all proceeds donated to suicide prevention service, Lifeline.

The event marks KX Pilates’ new partnership with Lifeline.

KX Pilates CEO Selina Bridge said “We understand the benefits group exercise can have on our mental and physical wellbeing – and we feel privileged to partner with Lifeline to create an initiative that highlights what we do best. We hope Australians can rally behind us to help raise as much money as possible to support Lifeline’s incredible life saving work.”

In 2023, Lifeline is receiving an average of 3,009 calls a day, with peaks of up to 3,442. The service received 17 per cent more contacts using the 24/7 text and webchat services in the first six months of 2023 than in the corresponding period last year.

KX Pilates and Lifeline’s ‘24 Hour Pilates for Mental Health’ relay starts at 7am on Saturday 22 July at participating studios. Entry to book one Reformer Pilates session in the event (50-minute KX Pilates class) costs $39, the average cost to fund one Lifeline call.

KX Pilates commissioned research to reveal consumer sentiment on the biggest stressors of 2023, seasonal depression, and group exercise. More than half of all respondents experience seasonal depression (51 per cent) and 73 per cent cited winter as the peak season with the most negative feelings. Gen Z reported the highest levels of loneliness (59 per cent) and had the highest levels of disconnection (48 per cent).

Lifeline’s Research chief research officer Dr Anna Brooks, said social isolation can have marked and varied negative impacts on human health.

“Evidence shows us that forging, rekindling or maintaining connection with others can help protect
against the negative impacts of social isolation,” said Dr Brooks.

The KX research found 41 per cent exercise to reduce stress.