Laser Clinics Australia set to hit New Zealand

Inside Franchise Business: Laser Clinics Australia set to hit New ZealandCosmetic health and beauty franchise, Laser Clinics Australia are gearing up for international expansion, following the securing of a prominent location in New Zealand.

The Auckland site is the first international location for the brand, who specialise in laser hair removal, skin treatments and cosmetic injectables and follows a continued run of openings in new markets across Australia.

Earlier this month, Laser Clinics Australia opened its 100thfranchise store in Australia, after only 10 years of operation.

Now, with the addition of a foundation New Zealand franchise, Chief Executive Officer Anthea Muir said the brand is poised for international recognition and further expansion.

“We’re very excited about launching into New Zealand, and we have already secured our first site in Auckland,” Muir said.

“We’re currently looking to speak to some fantastic potential franchisees; not just in Auckland however, we are looking at other locations as well; including Wellington, Christchurch and Hamilton.”

For interested franchisees, the Laser Clinics Australia expansion presents an opportunity to join a growing franchise with proven systems.

“The franchise model will be exactly the same as it is in Australia, it’s a 50/50 joint venture and in New Zealand, with the cost to enter into the franchise approximately $450,000 NZD plus GST.”

“The look and the feel of the clinics will be as per our beautiful standard model, and we’re aiming to open five to six treatment room sized clinics.”

To coincide with the New Zealand launch, Laser Clinics Australia is also trialling a range of new skin treatments in selected Sydney and Brisbane locations.

Muir said the decision to diversify their brand offering was critical to maintaining Laser Clinics Australia’s reputation as the global leader in cosmetic experiences and treatments.

“Customers demand new and exciting treatments, we’re also always looking to the forefront, to whatever we can do to better enhance the customer experience.”

“Our customers are informed, they know what’s happening out in the marketplace and they want the latest and we’re more than happy to provide the latest and safest in cosmetic therapies.”

For Laser Clinics Australia, the franchise story has been fraught with success, which Muir credits to the brand’s highly competitive franchise model.

For New Zealand franchisees, Muir said the methodology will be much the same.

The model is based on significantly reduced start-up costs, requiring an initial investment of $450,000 NZD (depending on location), securing the franchisee with a ready-made clinic and the promise of a guaranteed $100,000 remuneration package for the director of the clinic from day one.

Inside Franchise Business reported in June that spending on minimal or non-invasive procedures was estimated to have reached the $1 billion mark for the first time.

“The franchisees that we’re looking for in New Zealand will be people who have perhaps managed their own business before, certainly have some business acumen and have experience leading teams, because that’s key to our success as a franchise,” Muir said.

While experience within the industry is certainly beneficial, the real advantage for franchisees was relationship management, enthusiasm and support.

“The vast majority of our franchisees don’t have any experience in the field. It’s all about interest and transferring those skills they already have into running one of our clinics.”

“Having said that, we have already had some people that have grown through the business to become franchisees. We have beauty therapists and cosmetic injectors that became clinic managers that have then become franchisees and that’s a great reflection of our business. It’s great for people coming up through the business as well because they think, “I’ve got something to aspire to”.”

Laser Clinics Australia will be looking to launch additional locations in New Zealand in the back half of 2018, with franchising opportunities now available.