Leadership tips from the top

Two views on leadership from high performing franchise executives.

“The number one goal in business is transfering tension from franchisees to make their lives easier.” So said Peter Sinodinos, CEO at Snap, who addressed delegates at the National Franchise Convention in Melbourne this week. “Partnering is critical,” he told the assembled audience.

The Snap CEO reminded fellow franchisors of the need to support struggling franchisees even at the point of possible termination. “Before you send a franchisee to the wall, is there something more you can do?” he asked.

Sinodinos, who joined Snap in early 2017 after 11 years of senior management at The Good Guys, advised franchisors to structure their businesses to allow for disruption and develop a framework for navigating change.

For Sadhana Smiles, who led real estate franchise Harcourts Victoria to be a challenger for pole position in the market, leadership is about integrating the visible and invisible.

As a culturally and linguistically diverse female leader she said there were double the challenges to overcome.

Smiles told a Women in Franchising breakfast audience she focused on six key success markers.

  1. Having performance markers that make you feel uncomfortable

  2. Implementing followship rather than leadership

  3. Transparency

  4. Taking smart risks and being agile

  5. Standing for something

  6. Making sure you are heard.

“As a female leader, showing authenticity and vulnerability is important,” she said. Smiles pointed out that leadership is rarely judged on the big decisions made; it’s about behaviour.

“I don’t believe business can be successful without diversity and inclusion,” she added.

On the opening day of the NFC18, former premier Jeff Kennett AC, had shared his leadership tips.