Mad Mex, Flave founders share leadership tips

Founders leadership tips
Mad Mex’ Clovis Young, and Flave’s Stuart Cook talk leadership. (Source: Supplied)

Australia’s dynamic fast food scene offers brilliant opportunities for ambitious risk-taking entrepreneurs.

For Clovis Young, founder and chief of Mad Mex, the journey to business success started in the US in a high finance career.

As he shares in this podcast, bringing his dream of a Mexican restaurant chain to life meant swapping the suits for a T-shirt and bandana, and moving continents.

Young reveals what it’s been like to develop a concept, facing up to the challenges of growth, and what leadership looks like.

Stuart Cook is not yet 40 but he’s already more than made his mark in business. At just 23 a chance encounter with Dr Sam Prince, the founder of Zambrero, led him to dive headfirst into a CEO role at the mission-driven food chain. 

Now he and his wife Samantha are on a new food adventure, taking plant-based fast food to the next level with Flave. The pair launched the first outlet in Sydney and have mega global ambitions for the brand.

Listen to Stuart Cook’s story so far.