McDonald’s brand new look is world first

Fast food franchise giant McDonald’s has unveiled a new look at Sydney International Airport.

The design incorporates world first technology for McDonald’s. For instance, with the kitchen placed on the upper level, a transporter system was installed to carry products to customers on the ground level.

The technology interfaces with McDonald’s kiosk ordering technology to deliver a smooth experience for both customers and workers.

Kitchen staff attach bags to the system, which then transports orders downstairs to those working at the register.

McDonald’s is working to redesign its store footprint around the world to keep up with evolving consumer tastes and stay relevant as food courts around the world undertake extensive development.

A flagship store in Hong Kong, as well as a recently redesigned headquarters and a McDonald’s in Chicago (still under construction) are recent accomplishments.

The design firm Landini Associates has also been brought on to work on new flagship sites in Times Square, New York and Oxford St, London as the fast food giant steps up its investment in innovation.

Credits: photos: Trevor Mein; video: James Adams