Muffin Break lands sponsorship with Sunrise

Muffin Break, a FoodCo brand, has implemented a 12-month strategic sponsorship with prime time breakfast show Sunrise, Channel 7. Inside Franchise Business: Muffin Break lands sponsorship with Sunrise.

Since being appointed GM of the brand, Natalie Brennan’s primary objectives have been to increase franchise profitability, grow store numbers and increase sales with a number of plans to be rolled out throughout the year.

Also part of the new appointment, Brennan’s first official action has seen the implementation of strategic sponsorship the breakfast show.

“Sunrise is Australia’s favourite breakfast program and like Muffin Break, no stranger to early mornings,” she said.

“Data has shown us that the demographic of both our brand and Channel 7 Sunrise are very similar; we share common values including authenticity, community alignment and being a part of people’s every day.

“This partnership enables us to run campaigns that we know will be of interest to this audience.”

As part of the sponsorship agreement, Brennan has been instrumental in the redesign and facilities provided in the innovative Muffin Break green room. As brand sponsor, all guests for Sunrise will be able to take advantage of a fully equipped green room with fresh muffins and cookies as well as access to Muffin Break’s own blend of coffee.

Brennan continued, “Our new alignment with Channel 7 Sunrise is a natural evolution to amplify our Muffin Break ethos.

“To be able to get Muffin Break in the hands of celebrity guests, experts, and key figures driving the current news agenda is hugely beneficial,” she added.

The Sunrise team now has Muffin Break mugs on set and ther shows in the Channel 7 stable including The Morning Show and The Daily Edition will also have access to the green room.

The partnership will act as a vehicle for integrated promotions and consumer activations, as well as a platform for new integrated product launches and consumer special offers for Sunrise viewers visiting local Muffin Break stores.

The third tier of the sponsorship includes giving back to the local community, as Muffin Break exists in most communities across the country both metro and regional. Street parties to celebrate local communities as well as suburban superstars to acknowledge the unsung heroes in local communities are all part of the 12-month program.

Lisa Squillace, director of program partnerships at Channel 7 said, “We are extremely excited to have Muffin Break as the coffee partner of Sunrise, it’s a great brand fit for the program which gives us the opportunity to integrate Muffin Break seamlessly each morning.

“We’ve been hugely impressed with the collaborative and integrated nature of this sponsorship and are excited for the many benefits this will bring not just to our guests but our viewers.”