New CEO for Jim’s Group

The founder of Jim’s Group, Jim Penman, has appointed existing chief operating officer Tino Grossi as chief executive officer (CEO). Penman has taken on the role of managing director.

Under Grossi’s guardianship, the Jim’s Group reports total revenue performance has grown by 14 per cent.

Jim Penman said “With Tino on board, there is nothing to stop Jim’s Group doubling its growth in coming years and it marks another exciting chapter of local and international expansion for the business.

“It’s a privilege to work with Tino as he’s an outstanding leader with sharp business acumen. This has earned him terrific support from staff, franchisees and franchisors, which gives him a mandate to change things. He also challenges me on what is right for the business and with great intentions which I welcome and appreciate.”

Grossi said small but strategic changes across the 52 divisions within the group will make positive differences.

“Jim and I have a clear shared vision for business growth and we’re driven by the same thing, which is to enjoy our work and to help others succeed. We both get a real kick out of helping people identify the perks and freedom that comes with running their own franchise, and to help them build a business earning from $100K to $300K is very rewarding. Together, we see the ability in people and help them grow their confidence, opportunities and their success.”