Pharmacy 777 to double outlets with new acquisition

Pharmacy 777 to double outlets with new acquisition
Pharmacy 777 to double outlets with new acquisition

Prominent Western-Australian health group Pharmacy 777 is set to double in size following the acquisition of HBF’s Friendlies master franchise.

Under the Friendlies Pharmacy master franchise acquisition, Pharmacy 777 will now assume control of 31 additional WA outlets, bringing the total network to around 70 pharmacies.

It’s a big move for the 57-year old heritage operator, with greater representation providing a pathway for growth and community development.

John Van Dier Wielen, HBF CEO said the master franchise sale marked the beginning of a new partnership that promises to benefit HBF members across the state.

“In Pharmacy 777 we’ve found a partner with the same passion as us; to improve the health of Western Australians,” Van Dier Wielen said.

“This alliance will mean thousands more HBF members will have ready access to the health services that come with HBF membership.”

Pharmacy 777 transition

The Friendlies acquisition is expected to take some time, however, with reports indicating a 6-month turnaround is projected.

“Pharmacy 777 will provide a generous package of financial and operational support to help Friendlies pharmacies transition to the Pharmacy 777 brand and enjoy the benefits of the alliance,” the company said in a statement.

Kim Brotherson, Pharmacy 777 managing director said the new arrangement allows the two companies to integrate new services and offerings for members.

“We’re driven to make a difference in the lives of our patients,” she said. “It’s not just about supplying medication, it’s about ensuring we deliver meaningful health outcomes that are built around the needs of every individual patient.”