Plus Fitness plans to open 10 clubs in 2023

Plus Fitness launches AI
24/7 gym chain rolls out refreshed brand and launches AI (Source: Supplied)

Plus Fitness has revealed its plan to open 10 clubs across Australia, New Zealand and India this year as the business embraces an exciting AI tech development.

The goal is to reach 300 clubs and 300,000 members; currently there are more than 200 locations across ANZ.

Expansion will come predominantly from the Australian market, with Victoria and Queensland the states with most growth potential.

Plus Fitness expects further development in India, and is looking to take its model further afield internationally.

Tech development The HUB set to shake up the business

The expansion plans come on the back of a recent brand refresh which is rolling out across the clubs now.

Refreshed stores showcase the updated interior however this is a minimal part of the new look business. The reinvention of the Plus Fitness brand sees a focus on essential tools for franchisees to help build relationships with members.

Gordon Martin, general manager, Plus Fitness told Franchise Executives, “Today quality isn’t enough – that’s a base line of member expectation. It’s about creating a relationship with the customer, giving them the experience they are expecting and looking for. This redesign gives a foundation for success but it goes a lot further than paint and decor.

“That’s where the tech comes in. That’s what is really going to revolutionise what we offer.”

Plus Fitness launches AI

Plus Fitness partnered with tech business Keep Me, which uses AI and predictive capabilities to understand what members are looking for and to support members on an individual level, Gordon said.

“We are the first franchise in the fitness space to work with them,” he said.

The integrated system enhances the member experience and delivers cost and time savings for franchisees.

“The tech stack will save about 15 to 20 hours admin monthly, and it allows us to connect with members more because we can redeploy staff to engage with members. Face to face human connection drives better business.”

A staged rollout across of the customisation and member elements will follow a network-wide implementation of the HUB.