Ray White rebrands commercial division

Ray White Commercial rebrands
The new look and names is designed to enhance the brand’s market position. (Source: Supplied)

The Ray White real estate group has rebranded its commercial division to RWC. The new name is supported by a refreshed colour palette, design, look and feel, and is the result of a collaborative discussion within Ray White’s commercial network. 

RWC head of agency Andrew Freeman said the new direction reflected the commercial property specialists in the business and enhanced RWC’s positioning in the market.

“We’ve worked together with a creative agency over the past 12 months to bring RWC to life with a modern and sophisticated interpretation of our values, mission and personality,” Freeman said. 

“We’ve introduced a modern colour palette, while maintaining Ray White’s signature yellow as an accent colour, to be used where it’s most effective. 

“The updates have struck a perfect balance between honouring our core identity and introducing a new look and, as a result, RWC is able to separate from the residential business while maintaining the strength of the greater Ray White Group.” 

Ray White group managing director Dan White said RWC was a vital part of the Ray White family and its future. 

“We wanted to give a unique identity to our commercial business while remaining connected to the broader Ray White Group,” Mr White said. 

“This is an exciting new chapter for us, one that takes all our commercial specialists forward and a first in our 121 year history where we’ve celebrated a core business outside of the master naming convention.”