Retailers fight for fair go on tax

Retailers are calling out the Government over tax equality as low value GST legislation is set to be in front of the Senate today.

Russell Zimmerman, executive director of the Australian Retailers Association said it has been working with the Federal and State Governments to reduce the low value threshold and provide a level playing field for Australian retailers.

“Australian retailers are continually having to pay GST while their foreign counterparts do not, and local online and bricks-and-mortar retailers are sick of the constant delays in implementing this tax equality issue,” Zimmerman said.

“We do not want to take away the right for consumers to purchase from overseas, however we do need to provide a level playing for Australian retailers."

Australian retailers have banded together to run an advertising campaign in the national press today to push the message.

“We strongly support this proposed GST model and will continue to put pressure on those who oppose the immediate implementation of the low value GST legislation," Zimmerman said.