Revl Training opens fourth Singapore studio, reveals growth plans

Expansion includes domestic and overseas studios. (Source: Supplied)

Aussie boutique group fitness chain Revl Training has unveiled its fourth studio in Singapore.

Revl Training’s CEO and co-founder Ben Woolford told Franchise Executives the goal is 18 studios in six years across the city state. One of the four Singapore studios is already the brand’s top-performing franchises.

Woolford and co-founder Josh Mildren chose master franchise agreements to develop the current overseas markets, Singapore and Dubai.

“Dubai was our eighth location, when Australia was in lockdown. We had interest from a strategic partner there and it fast-tracked our internal systems and processes so we could scale,” Woolford said.

“A master franchise agreement means we can support the business and they can scale. We have found the right strategic partners and we are looking to grow those markets, sustainably.”

Revl Training growth plans

The single Dubai studio is operated as a company-owned business by the master franchisee, who has plans to expand conservatively, Woolford said.

He revealed the brand has plans to extend its footprint further afield as well.

“We are looking at New Zealand, and have had strong interest from the UK and US as well,” he said.

“The success of other Australian brands in this space is helping showcase us on the world stage,” he added.

Revl Training was founded in 2020 with a mission to revolutionise the fitness industry through performance-based, supportive group training.

“The boutique space is a fantastic market, there is a lot of competition with brands doing similar things. We wanted to make Revl very personalised, and progression-based. It’s an environment like a weights gym but people feel included,” Woolford said.

In Australia there are now 20 studios across Melbourne, Brisbane, New South Wales and the home base of Adelaide.

“We are looking to expand in South Australia and get to 18 locations here. We also want more market share from Queensland and Victoria,” Woolford told Franchise Executives.