Shane Warne joins forces with Sport Star Academy

Shane Warne Cricket Star Academy launches
Shane Warne Cricket Star Academy launches

Cricket great Shane Warne has joined forces with Sport Star Academy to introduce a grassroots kids program, Cricket Star Academy.

Launching the new skills program Shane Warne said “I am excited to be part of the next generation of cricketers. Through my new program, Cricket Star Academy we will develop and nurture young players to be the best they can be. Professional coaching, all year round and most importantly fun!”

The new program reflects the growth of cricket as one of the world’s most popular sports. ranked second after soccer.

Participation has continued to increase year on year with female participation, junior club cricket and non-club cricket competitions on the rise.

Peter Nikolakopoulos, the founder and CEO of Sport Star Academy (SSA), said the combination of top class coaching and a fun environment is important to the development of children’s sporting and social skills.

“We want to teach kids the skills of cricket with professional coaches. Cricket is such a fun sport and teaches young children so many skills. Cricket Star Academy will offer that in a structured learning environment in line with the school calendar.”

SSA is now promoting and recruiting for coaches and franchisees for the Cricket Star Academy across the country.

Sport Star Academy is a multi-award winning business delivering professional sport programs for children aged between five and 16 years old nationally. The franchised business teaches a variety of sports include football, tennis, footy and basketball.

During the pandemic the business was swift to switch its programs to virtual sessions.

Marketing director Kelly Nikolakopoulos said at the time SSA’s innovative streak would help recruit more franchisees.

“In terms of an investment, if they are looking for a business, they want to feel like they’re making the right decision, that the people, the brand and the business under very stressful situations can still be viable.

“We can show that our business can perform under crisis, that in a recession we’re able to have market share, and we can keep our brand front of mind for customers.”