Sushi Sushi goes into wholesale

Inside Franchise Business: Sushi Sushi goes into wholesalingFast food franchise chain Sushi Sushi is banking its reputation for fresh, high quality sushi and expanding into wholesaling.

Gavan Meadows, general manager franchise sales and marketing, told Inside Franchise Business bringing the brand’s fresh product to a broader market made perfect sense. Stadiums, convenience stores, hospitals and schools all serve below-par sushi products that are cheap to market and designed to last up to five days, he said.

“We decided to do something about it. “We don’t freeze fish, we use Huon salmon straight from Tasmania. Our sushi goes straight from the manufacturer to the client. We have full logistics and refrigeration around the country.”

Sushi Sushi will use its existing distribution centres for the daily wholesale delivery.

Meadows said it’s crucial that retailers are accurate with their orders so there is no wastage.

“It is slightly more expensive,” he said, “but we are giving consumers quality products.”

In January 2018 Sushi Sushi started distributing product to Monash Health hospitals through the Flinders Group. Executive chef of the Flinders Group, Chris Dix, said sushi sales had “increased dramatically”.

He said “We have found having a well-known and respected sushi brand on sale ensured our hospital patients and guests had confidence in the product. Sushi Sushi’s food safety, on time delivery, combined with the freshness and quality of the pre-packaged Sushi Sushi products has been outstanding”.

Meadows believes the greater exposure of the brand to consumers will be a boon to franchisees.

“We see wholesaling products under the Sushi Sushi banner as a great extension.”

The expectation is for wholesaling to contribute at least 10 to 15 per cent of income within five years.