Ultra Tune fights offending ad decision

Franchised automotive services business Ultra Tune has come under fire for a tv commercial and is now appealing a decision that the ad is demeaning to women.

After complaints to the Advertising Standards Board about the ad, the watchdog found the ad to be sexist. Now the franchisor has said it will appeal the decision.

Sean Buckley, the executive chairman of Ultra Tune, told Smart Company “If I have to take it to the High Court, I will. It’s not about the ad, it’s about minority groups who object and then control the majority of people and that’s what I don’t like.”

Ultra Tune has pulled the ad until an independent review goes ahead.

The offending advert is the second of a campaign Avoid Unexpected Situations which includes male drivers as the protagonists in some of the six tv commercials – four of these are yet to air.

Earlier this month, Buckley posted on the company website an open letter to Ultra Tune customers.

In the message he says:

“I don’t think our ads are sexist. I don’t think they objectify women. They are humorous ads designed to show that things can go wrong with a car. There is  6 in the series. You have seen 2 of them. Train wreck and Helicopter. Instead of everybody getting upset please enjoy the satire and humour. The next four ads will feature very famous people (including males) with the girls in unexpected situations. These will be funny and I am certain after you watch these most of you will have a different opinion.”

Buckley’s post ends with the comment:

“Thank you for your comments, despite not agreeing with some, I enjoy reading the healthy debate about this issue.”