What’s your earning power? Latest survey

A new report provides insight into franchising salaries. And it shows that the sector is still rewarding women with a lower pay package than men receive.

The Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence’s Franchise Sector Salary Survey 2015 is the result of close to 100 completed surveys from those employed throughout franchise systems.

Professor Lorelle Frazer, director of the Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence, said “Unfortunately, this year’s survey reaffirms last year’s findings that the salaries paid to men in franchising are significantly higher than those paid to women. So there still appears to be much work to do in addressing gender equality in franchising salaries.”

However Frazer did note some positive aspects emerging from this year’s survey – a growing appreciation of the role of education.

“Of those surveyed, 62 percent held a Bachelor’s Degree or higher and the results showed that franchising salaries were significantly higher for those with university education.”

Not surprisingly, the survey shows that greater levels of experience translate to higher levels of remuneration.

Salaries are also higher in larger franchise systems (more than 50 units) and in franchise systems with an annual turnover above $20 million.

The report reveals detailed information on the salary levels of :

  • CEO, founder, general managers
  • Franchise development managers
  • Operations managers (including national operations, franchise operations, field operations, national training, state  managers)
  • Marketing professionals (including marketing director, coordinator, assistant or manager)
  • CFO, accountants
  • Corporate lawyer, in-house counsel

The average salary levels are also broken down by the number of franchise units, industry type, experience and education, gender and age .

So how is your business tracking?