Who is franchising in Australia?

Here's a quick overview of Australian franchising, according to the FranData Report on the Franchise Sector in Australia 2015.

Hospitality can seem to be a dominant sector in the franchising arena yet 72 percent of franchise brands are in fact operating in non_food related industries.

Within the food sector the coffee arena has the greatest number of brands with 34 or 14.6 percent of all food brands.

State of origin

Where do the brands originate?

Not surprisingly the vast majority are home-grown, Aussie firms – 87 percent in fact.

The second biggest contingent is from the US, which accounts for as many franchise chains as all other imported brands put together.

Other countries of origin are: New Zealand, UK, Canada, France, Japan, Belgium, Denmark, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa and Taiwan.

Looking at Australians going overseas, 30 percent of the brands have international operations and 26 Australian brands are trading in the US.


Almost 10 percent of brands are part of large multi_brand holding companies, with the Jim’s Group the largest such business with a portfolio of 25 franchise brands and more non-franchise service brands.

  • Jim's group
  • Retail Food Group
  • Franchised Food Company
  • Metcash
  • Foodco Group
  • Pacific Retail Management
  • Quick Service Restaurant Holdings
  • United Franchise Group
  • Australian Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Emerald Foods Group
  • Evolve Entertainment
  • GJ Gardener Homes
  • helloworld
  • ICED
  • Laser Group
  • Luxottica Group
  • Minor DKL Food
  • Mpower Franchising
  • Yum brands
  • 7 Eleven Australia

The information for the FranData Report on Franchise Sector in Australia 2015 was sourced from 845 brands operating in Australia and complemented by research performed through a combination of internet_research, and the study of US Franchise Disclosure Documents