Why 90 days in the field paid off for this CEO

Snap CEO Peter Sinodinos got up close and personal with Boost Juice founder Janine Allis for a new tv segment Industry Leaders.

In the launch 30-minute segment Sinodinos revealed how his first 90 days in the job were spent visiting 83 franchisees across the country.

“You start with a bit of a vision and a mission and you start building on that,” he said.

“The most important aspect from a franchising business, I went out in to the field.”

The result of listening to franchisees about what buttons they liked to push and “the buttons that really pushed them into a negative head space” led to nine key points for a three year strategy.

“Some of those nine points were quite ugly. They felt they didn’t get enough support from some of the team members so we had to have that discussion with them.”

Giving that feedback to the support team was tough but essential he said.

Continual engagement with key franchisees is valuable to the business, he said. That’s achieved through two groups: a future focus team of leading franchisees gathered together because of their business thinking rather than revenue results; and business improvement meetings which bring together similarly performing franchises.

Sinodinos told Allis “we’ve got great owners that wehn it comes to their multiple of selling  their business down the track, you want to make suire that’s intact, and that’s one of my main objectives.”

Asked what a leader needs, Sinodinos was quick off the mark: “to have patience and good communication skills,” he said.

That plays into the challenge of convincing someone to do something they don’t want to do. It’s about showing them the benefits, he said.

The first episode, featuring Sinodinos, aired on Saturday 4 August.