Happier franchisees: why franchisors streamline

Franchisors need to streamline for better business
Franchisors need to streamline for better business

Franchisors need to streamline. Streamlining your business operations removes unnecessary steps and increases efficiency. Streamlined operations may require upgrading technology, outsourcing organizational activities, and increasing the focus on your business core products and services. There are several advantages from streamlined operations: reduce costs, attract more customers, increase employees’ morale, drive higher revenue and compete effectively.

Why franchisors streamline

Use technology solutions: Franchisees and other company data at a central location (e.g. a CRM) with appropriate security access provides access to reliable and latest information to all departments: marketing, franchise development, recruitment, operation, support, etc. The system will help in increasing productivity through sharing of information, collaboration, and communication across all departments and greatly improve efficiency by ensuring streamlined communication between all employees and franchisees. Tracking delivery times and compliance would greatly enhance the franchisees experience.

Engaged employees: Front line employees are enabled to be more customer-focused and productive when operations are lean and streamlined. Using workflow management and automation, you will get rid of any steps that don’t improve the bottom line and enabling you to save cost. All teams will be in sync and perform their tasks better, empowering your team that will result in more productivity. This way, employees can have more time available to provide an excellent experience to their franchisees.

Happier franchisees: These days franchisees and customers require consistent service which can be achieved by streamlining your business operations and processes. With employees having more time, it will increase your response time, make the business adaptable and flexible. This significantly helps in not only retaining franchisees but also enable them to grow to own multiple locations, increase theirs and customers’ satisfaction, further strengthening your brand reputation.

Better decision-making: With the combination of right technology and streamlined operation, a franchisor increases their ability to take quicker and better decisions. Real-time data availability on marketing, recruitment and franchise operations provide invaluable data to the franchisor to analyse the problems areas and focus on improving the challenging areas of operation.

Cost saving: With operational efficiency in place, franchisor can save cost on manual, mundane and repetitive tasks that can be better performed using technology solutions, allowing processes to be completed quickly for faster customer service. Focusing human resources to provide superior customer experience helps in lowering franchisee churn and reducing new franchisee recruitment cost, improving overall business performance.