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Who owns the marketing fund on liquidation?

Who owns the marketing fund on liquidation?

Did you know as a franchisor holding a separate marketing fund account if your franchise business is liquidated, franchi...
Franchisors need to protect information in the sales process

7 crucial questions on privacy rules

The sale and purchase of a small business or franchise often includes the vendor’s client list and client personal infor...
Protect information to prevent trade secrets theft

When staff walk out with your trade secrets

Thanks for the memories, oh and your confidential information! What can you do when an employee walks out the door with ...
When a franchisee starts their business needs careful planning

How to time franchisees start dates

Setting the dates for a new franchisee to start training and business operations can be somewhat like a tug of war. Ever...
Franchisors can negotiate with franchisees

5 things franchisors can negotiate with franchisees

Showing an openness towards working with a franchisee to negotiate a franchise deal will be an excellent foundation to y...
know about the parliamentary inquiry report

5 things franchisors must know about the inquiry

Seventy-one. That’s how many recommendations were made in the recent Parliamentary inquiry report into franchising. And ...
Joint venture tips

5 vital tips for your joint venture

A joint venture is an arrangement between two or more individuals or companies. It is generally used to achieve a specif...

Workplace liability – Why employers need to know about the latest McDonald’s ruling

Experts are warning that the latest decision from the Industrial Court of Queensland may have sweeping implications for ...

Terminating a franchise agreement: how to get it right

Facing the final curtain … said Frank Sinatra. Franchise agreements can and do end in all sorts of circumstances.