Jim’s Group CMO on TikTok, YouTube strategy that’s driving leads

Jim's CMO Kleber
Joel Kleber, the Top 30 Franchise Executive 2024, has a strong video content strategy. (Source: Supplied)

Chief marketing officer Joel Kleber’s strategy has not only drawn praise for Jim’s social media marketing content, it has influenced the decision-making of new Jim’s franchisees. 

“Our social media and YouTube and our podcast growth, getting better at that has been the biggest achievement for us. It keeps bringing people into the business and making them make a decision to choose us over others,” says Kleber.

A focus on transparency has bolstered the authenticity of the content, and proven a successful foundation for messaging and communication.

Named the Top 30 Franchise Executive for 2024, Kleber talks in this Spill the Biz podcast about trust – being given the freedom to trial new ideas, and the trust between franchisors and franchisees.

As a former law student, he shares his accidental journey to chief marketing officer, and the lessons he has learned along the way.

Kleber reveals the challenges of delegation and of working with diverse business owners all keen to focus on their own business.

“I’m working really hard and getting people to know the Jim’s brand outside of Jim’s Mowing. I don’t have millions of dollars to do big TV brand campaigns about Jim’s so I’ve got to use the resources that I have to try and make people aware that other divisions exist.

“And we’re slowly doing that. I used to get comments on social media, ‘we didn’t know Jim was a real person’, and now I don’t get that anymore.

“Now they instantly know, ‘oh Jim’s Mowing, and Jim’s does everything’. And that’s how I gauge it. It’s not really the market research you formally do but that casual stuff tells me we’re on the right path.”

Listen here to the full podcast.