Mastering your destiny with My Home Watch

Inside Franchise Business: Mastering your destiny with My Home WatchIf you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.

That’s exactly what My Home Watch CEO and Founding Franchisor, Natasha Morgan is thinking following news the company plans to expand its highly successful home services franchise to the U.S.

The My Home Watch international expansion has been bolstered by the company’s announcement as the official event partner for Anthony Amos’ new Unleashed Business Accelerator tour, which teaches franchisors strategies for successfully taking their business overseas.

“We are the proud sponsors of Anthony Amos’ new event,” Morgan said.

“Anthony is here in Australia to come and speak on the Unleashed Business Accelerator tour and My Home Watch is involved as the official event partner with IBE Connect. As a speaker, Anthony helps businesses take their franchise system and successfully launch in the US.”

For any international business, cracking the U.S. market can be tough, but having the guidance of an experienced franchisor adding much-needed business support can make all the difference.

For My Home Watch, the company has seen first-hand how Amos’ guidance can help with the transition.

“America is a big, daunting place to start a business so having someone who has done it before, knows the ins and outs of the industry and most importantly understands the business cultures, it was a huge plus and benefit for us to have that connection,” Morgan said.

Amos is the pioneer behind one of Australia’s largest franchises, HydroDog, a dog grooming service that grew to over 9,000 new calls per month and over $10 million in revenue.

Now, off the back of his highly successful ‘Bathe To Save’ initiative in the U.S., Amos is back in Australia to share his strategies for international franchising expansion.

Morgan believes the partnership between My Home Watch and Amos’ HydroDog and IBE Connect brands is based on more than just financial acumen.

“There’s just such a good synergy between the businesses with My Home Watch and HydroDog USA and the ‘Bathe to Save’ initiatives,” Morgan said.

“The causes that they support all align with the My Home Watch services and in particular the My Pet Watch services, so it really does feel like a perfect partnership.”

“At the event, Anthony will be interviewing us on stage, discussing what’s important about leadership, legacy, our social conscience and our journey together.”

My Home Watch’s internal expansion opens the door for new opportunities for the brand, both overseas and at home.

“We understand that the launch into the US is going to take a lot of resources, so as a result, we’re looking for a master franchisor for Australia and New Zealand,” Morgan said.

Taking on the role in the Oceanic region presents a challenging opportunity for career growth and development for the right franchisor.

“We really want someone that has a passion for business, someone that has the same values that align with ours and someone who really wants to get in there and work with our franchisees,” Morgan said.

“We need someone who is going to give as much support as we have, is excited about My Home Watch’s growth and just wants to be a part of the whole journey.”

Morgan also said the Unleashed Business Accelerator Tour was the perfect platform to launch their international expansion and master franchisor search.

“It’s such a rare thing, an opportunity like this doesn’t come along everyday. We’re hoping someone at the tour sees us and wants to come along on our crazy journey.”

“It’s a really exciting time for My Home Watch and I have no doubt we are destined for great success with Anthony Amos and IBE Connect by our side,” Morgan said.


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