Proposed changes to SA trading hours

The Australian Retailers Association (ARA) has welcomed the South Australian Government’s draft legislation to extend trading hours on Sundays as a positive move forward for retailers and consumers across the state.

The draft legislation announced by Premier Peter Malinauskas will allow shops in Adelaide to open at 9am on Sundays, two hours earlier than at present. If passed, the legislation will also lock in trading hours for Boxing Day, with shops across metropolitan Adelaide allowed to open from 9am to 5pm. In the past they have been forced  to stay closed.

Releasing the handbrake

ARA CEO Paul Zahra said the proposed changes are a small but significant step in modernising South Australia’s outdated trading hour regime.

“The ARA has spent years advocating for more flexible trading hours in South Australia, so today’s announcement is a positive move forward for our members, and for consumers as well, who’ll benefit from extended trading on Sundays,” he said. “The 11am opening time on Sundays only serves as a handbrake on the state’s economy. Moving this time forward to 9am is a welcome improvement and brings South Australia in line with other jurisdictions.”

A step towards deregulation

The ARA supports the full deregulation of shop trading hours. This would put South Australia on a par with other states which allow retailers to trade and customers to shop more or less when they want. However, Zahra conceded that the announcement is still a significant step forward given the previous failed attempts for trading hour reform.

“The ARA strongly supports the draft legislation and looks forward to contributing to the South Australian Government’s consultation process,” he says.