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Domino's shut stores

Domino’s to shut stores, commissaries and exit Denmark in efficiency drive

It will cost between $80 million and $93 million in one-off costs to save the business $53 million to $59 million.
2023 Q1 store openings

Sushi Hub, Pizza Hut and Domino’s lead 2023 Q1 fast food store openings

In the last 12 months fast food franchise chains across Australia have grown by 152 stores.
Fast food stores opening

Fast food stores opening: latest report

Victoria hit the highs and lows of store openings and closures.
Bao Brothers targets Middle East

Bao Brothers eyes up Middle East

Technology will take the brand to the next level: Nathan Martin, co-founder.
Hero Sushi record fine for underpayment

Hero Sushi record fine revealed as operators and payroll cop penalties

Hero Sushi franchisees and head office payroll have copped record penalties of $891,000 for underpaying workers and prov...
McDonald's coronavirus outbreak

McDonald’s outlet caught up in coronavirus outbreak

McDonald’s has reopened a restaurant at the heart of a coronavirus outbreak in Melbourne after the store was close...
McDonald's coronavirus outbreak

McDonald’s adds grocery basics to its menu

Fast food giant McDonald’s is branching out from Happy Meals to provide basic grocery items to customers at the Drive Th...
Subway franchisees face court for alleged underpayments

Subway freezes marketing fees to help franchisees

Subway Australia has announced a financial assistance program to support its 1300 restaurants through the COVID-19 (Coro...
McDonald's social distancing logo

McDonald’s social distancing logo backs health message

International fast food chain McDonald’s logo has been altered in some global markets to emphasise the importance of soc...
KFC suspends dine-in option

KFC suspends dine-in option

KFC Australia is suspending its dine-in option in response to the call for social distancing in the community. The fried...