20 ways to spot a great boss

Are you a great boss? We’ve got the lowdown on what it takes to lead from the top.

1. Can you spot a great boss by their employees? One of the most important tasks of any leader is gathering good people around them and avoiding toxic individuals.

2. Have you got a vision for the business and the team? It’s essential that you have clarity on this, but that’s not enough. A great boss will communicate their vision effectively.

3. Keeping it short and sweet and relevant is all part and parcel of being a good leader. Respect other people’s time.

4. A competent boss might not be able to master all the intricacies of the roles in the business they run but over time they have built up some expertise, so they know what’s entailed in doing the job.

5. An ability to set priorities and focus on what’s important – and keep everyone else focused on the key activities – makes for a smart leader.

6. How decisive are you? Make the decision, move on. That’s a sign of a good boss.

7. Transparency is underrated. A good boss earns respect by sharing pertinent information with the team.

8. When did you last praise your team? Let individuals know when they are performing well – and don’t be shy of sharing the love.

9. Leadership isn’t just about reaching KPIs or financial targets. A touch of empathy with employees and franchisees goes a long way.

10. A smart boss can recognise the talents of a team and encourages them to work together in a way that benefits everyone.

11. Do you question assumptions about how things should be done? A smart boss peels away the layers to get to the heart of the issue. Smart questions always help.

12.Saying sorry. Yup, no-one likes to make a mistake, but accepting the blame for the team is the mark of a great boss. That makes it easier for everyone to get on board with getting it right next time.

13. Life is more than work. A good boss respects that team members and franchisees might be committed to their tasks, but they still have a life outside the company and the brand.

14. Because work isn’t everything, a crisis isn’t the end of life as we know it. A good boss can spot when it’s time to have a laugh – sometimes at their own expense.

15. Can you communicate well? It’s a simple skill, but vitally important.

16. Ethical behaviour. What else do we need to say?

17. Which milestones have you celebrated with your team? The celebration doesn’t have to be all-encompassing but knowing when to stop and appreciate the good things is what good bosses do well.

18. Thank you. Sometimes those two words are all it takes to win friends.

19. Good bosses strive to be the best. Who wants to be second-best?

20. Great leadership is infectious. A good boss will inspire others to take bigger and better steps, and be supportive when they do.