Are you meeting-mad or meeting-phobic? Here’s how to make a meeting work for you

What are your best strategies for bringing about significant improvements in your franchise business? A meeting can bring everything together but do you dread your regular updates with the team? Meetings can be a bind when they achieve little, but get them right and they can be a real boon for the business. 

It’s hard for franchisors and franchisees to keep up to the daily challenges of running the business, let alone find time for a monthly business meeting. But taking this one simple step could help keep your business on track, suggests Kate Groom of SmartFranchise.

“Business rigour is all about the business and financial management of a business. The monthly meeting is a foundation for a well-run business, whether it’s small or large.

“Your business meeting can be especially valuable to help keep a close eye on financial performance. And with good structure meetings can be quick and produce results,” says Groom.

5 ways to make your meeting matter

  1. Work to an agenda
  2. Review the financial figures
  3. Discuss business operations and how to identify issues and improvements
  4. Flag upcoming promotions and activities in marketing and sales, and discuss how to focus on sales goals
  5. Create action points to record what will be done, and by whom

Of course you should adapt this structure to suit your business.

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